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Mood Disorders

My daughter has recently started being evaluated for a mood disorder. She is 14. The counselor told me that it is difficult to diagnose bipolar disorder in teens, and suggested another disorder something that began with a "D". I have been looking at internet sites hoping to find what she might have been referring to, but haven't so far. Can you help?
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You could try the websites that we have linked up such as "Depression Central". Dysthymia is a form of minor depression. Of course only a psychiatrist can make a diagnosis but if they are having difficulty (you stated this was a counselor only a psychiatrist can make a true evaluation) you need to explain exactly what goes on because the treatments for depression (anti-depressents) and bipolar (mood stabilizers) are very different. We have a Mood Tracker here. You could show your daughter how to use it and then bring the results to a psychiatrist who is the only person who can make a clinical evaluation that is truly accurate. The counselor could make a referral though.
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Only possibilities I can think of are:-
Dialectical Behavior (which is a borderline personality disorder).
Dysthymia (which is a chronic mood disorder that falls within the depression sphere)
Why not call the counsellor (or leave message) to clarify?
I also agree with Iladvocate re psychiatrist.
Good luck with your journey.
Seek the truth!
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Hard to... or just don't like to....

The problem with diagnosing a teen is alot of the behaviors of a mood disorder are typical teen age behavior. The difference I have seen is when the teens take the moods to the extreme... There is a notable difference between a mood disorder and moody... Living with it... now. Unless she is a hazard to herself or others let them continue to evaluate her but keep a log of her moods and what triggers them, etc - even the weather and people, can trigger mood changes.

Good luck....

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