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Need Help Finding Treatment Placement

I am in a situation where we have exacerbated all resources that are within a 300 mile radius of us. My son desperately needs a placement in a 6 mo+ treatment program that will address his behavioral/emotional health, anger issues, excessive energy. I have a very limited time to find a place on my own, before, because of his recent behaviors that have caused legal action (which he has been incompetent to stand trial for), gets referred to someone who takes the choice out of my hands.
He is almost 11, was molested until he was almost 3, saw me get physically abused by the same person, is on numerous meds, diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder, PTSD, ADHD, ODD. Has had 17 acute hospitalizations, 6 months of residential treatment, voluntary treatment/therapeutic foster care, psychiatrist, therapists, case managers...
We have run out of options, I need to find a program to meet his needs...I do not care where in the country it is, though the closer to Ohio the better I will make it work wherever it may be. I feel a program that is at a ranch, or somewhere he has to have responsibilities, along with his treatment would best serve him. We are Christian non-denominational, so any christian/spiritual environment would be wonderful.
Please pass on any info you may have on someplace I may try to get him help that has a chance at working in the long run!
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Best to contact your local NAMI chapter as they can tell you what is a reputable treatment program for young people that has results and is properly supervised.
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ILADVOCATE has a good idea. Contacting the local NAMI chapter would be a good first step. Also could his current doctor recommend a place outside the 300 mile radius? What about one of the hospitals he was at? Are they part of a branch that may have other locations somewhere outside the 300 mile radius? Why have you exhausted all your resources for 300 miles?
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Ditto what ILADVOCATE said. NAMI is an awesome organization and is probably going to be able to help you best.

Here's hoping you and he get the help he needs,

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My son has had 17 acute hospitalizations, Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus...6 months in residential treatment...1 yr. in voluntary (no CPS involvement) treatment foster care...his therapist said she can't teach him anything else at this point and he just has to learn to use the skills to control himself...they will only recommend the the voluntary treatment foster care, in which with the same people are the only ones willing to work with him, and the prob with them is that he gets no real outside time or enrichment (though I am willing to pay for it) so when he is home on visits he is angry and even more amped up...we tried it for a year and that's their only solution!
Military One Source has suggested a place in Texas, but I have to get a Doc to recommend it and I can't get my son's current psychiatrist to even change his meds so he's not up until 4am and a constant maniac, more less recommend residential again. The courts have found him currently incompetent, so they won't recommend it either
I am so frustrated and exhausted after almost 8 years of this insanity!!!!
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Bless your heart, you are carrying quite a load.  I wish I could help you but the suggestions above to contact NAMI sounds like good advice.   You may consider contacting a hospital and speak with the social worker on the physc ward to see if they can make a suggestion.  Also, you may want to consider contacting the Health and Human Resources office for help.

I hope that things can settle down a bit and give you time to take care of yourself.  I am so sorry you have such a load to carry.  Take care of yourself.  God bless.
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