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Real or denial

My sister is 47 years old and in my opinion addicted to hydrocodone and soma's.  She got a DWI in Texas, lost her job.  She went into a rehab due to her drug addiction.  Within one day, she said she was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder which she call her disease.  When she got out of rehab she was a zombie.  I've never seen her in that messed up of a state in my life.  She is now at another rehab and now says that her disease caused her to make all the poor choices.  She is not claiming any responsibily that the drug addiction had anything to do with DWI and many many bad choices.  My entire family is skeptical.  She has no drivers license, no job, she has always been a narcissist.  We just don't buy this & we are leary & skeptical of her coming to live with us.....  oh and no money.  We as a family, our parents, siblings, etc just don't know how to handle this situation.  We are scared we will be taken for granted...again.  Someone Plz give me advice!!!!!!!
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your sister needs help in the form of therapy and psychiatric careand to take responsibility for her actions. If it were me I would be loving but firm and let her now that unless she does this there will be no help forth coming.  I know as much as you probably do want to help she has to be the one that wants the help and untill she decides she has hit rock bottom and wants to get help there is little you or your family can do.Discuss this with your family With bi polars you need to be loving bu firm and tough or they will just keep making the same mistakes over and over again and take your family down with them.I know this first hand because this hapened to me and I hit rock bottom in a jail cell and I knew then I had to get help or I would loose everyone important to me.
You and your siter and family are in my prayers.I pray that your sis gets the help she needs Prrayers can work miracles Let me know how things go.
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You have a right to be skeptical. I would try to set her on the right path, finding a job, getting her license back, saving money, and moving on her own. Just because she's bipolar doesn't always mean she can't work.
Make sure she is taking her meds and if they aren't working have her see the doc to have them changed. It usually takes a few tries before a person can get on the right medications.
If you suspect she on pills, I would go through all her things and look for evidence of that. The pills may have been her way of dealing with Bipolar before she knew she had it. But if she has no money, she can't have much of a habit I would suspect??
Best of luck to you and your family!!
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