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Resigning as Community Leader

Hi everyone,

I have made the decision to resign my role as Community Leader for the forum.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all the ups and downs but feel it is time I made way for someone else.

It is a positive step forward for me as I am feeling far better than I have done for a long time.  This means that I now have the motivation to do things I have neglected for far too long.  I therefore think it is only fair for me to step down as I will not be able to give the amount of time required - some of you have probably noticed that I have already been spending a lot less time on here.

I shall still be popping "in" here from time to time, so I am not saying goodbye.  

This forum is a great community with really great members and I can honestly say that it has helped me through some really tough times.  People come and go but the "atmosphere" remains, one of caring and understanding.

Big hugs to you all.

aka Bulldozer :-)
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Sorry to see you leave. We welcomed your contributions and keeping discussions on a positive note and on track. Glad you are not leaving entirely though.
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Dear One,
You know how I enjoy our friendship...if you can find in your messages my email, keep me posted.
You are cherished by many and your discernment, commitment and care.
Sorry to see you step down, glad to see you move on. Harrah.
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Thanks for all you have done and only the best wishes for you in your other pursuits.  Glad you're feeling stronger.
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I didn't know you for very long but I thought you made a good community leader.  I guess we all have to pass the torch on at some point or another and it's only a matter of time.  Now I know your name Mwa ha ha ha!

Good luck with all your endeavors, glad your motivation is alive with anewed vigor.
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Sorry that you are stepping down but very grateful that you are feeling better and moving forward with your life.  Take good care of yourself and charge forward!  Remember move forward and never look back to where you came from.  Blessings
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Hello Helen

Sorry to see you leave. Perhaps you felt you should comment on every post and you didn't have time to do so. Not true. The important thing is to give advise when needed only and this I found you did it competently.

Sometimes people post just for the sake of posting or need chating or feel lonely and want someone to speak to. But this doesn't need you to intervene here. Only when you feel you can advise them then only you step in. Everybody knows that the community leader is another well occupied person and has other issues and matters to care for or worry about, so it's natural that we don't expect him/her to answer all posts. On the contrary I saw that you did your job efficiently.

However if you feel you have other more important things to do, then it's your right. We shall miss your management but not your posts for sure.

Concerning the choice of a certain leader, i bet you can nominate one you feel having time like you and well known to the group too

Take care
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Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.  
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WHAT!!!  Why!?!?  I can assume it's from the issues you are dealing with at home.  Just don't leave the site - we all care about you and would miss you tremendously if you did.

We haven't talked a lot lately and I know that we cycle in and out - it seems - at the same time.  Just always know that if you need an "ear" I am here for you.

You were a great leader, Helen, and are a great friend, too.

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  You know how I feel about you, Helen, so I won't embarrass you by gushing all over my comment here. I hope and pray (theoretically) that MedHelp will be able to crown someone that would be HALF as perfectly open minded, respectful, intelligent, compassionate....oops, I'm gushing, aren't I? Thanks for all you've done for all of us.
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I also have not known you for very long, but in the small amount of time I have, you have been wonderful. I wish you luck in your other endeavors. I really do hope you do pop your head in often!!! As you have given me advice in some very important times of my life, when I really needed it!
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sorry to see you go - you gave me hope in a dark place
hope you do well :)
all the best!
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All the best to you, bulldozer!  I didn't get to know you at all, as I'm very new here in terms of participation, but I do regret that now that you're leaving!

Glad to hear you're doing well now.
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