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Take it Easy Tricks for Bipolar

What are some tricks you employ during the holiday to manage Bipolar cycling?
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Try to join in the holiday cheer. There have beens times I just stayed  home by myself and just watched Tv. When I'm having down time that's what worked for me.
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Living vicariously through those who love me, it's not about me. Happiness is contagious, so I am ignoring expectations and trying to see what is happening around, not in my mind.
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   Pretty much got through the holidays realizing that me as well as
other family members have our own symptoms and coping issues
and we have to be supportive of each other.
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Don't have any coping skills right now. Really feeling the effects of the holidays.
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I made myself busy with work, visitors and cooking. It worked so far. Think Lamotrigine even in low dose works. But we haven't won yet. The worst time is still in front of me. Tbh I feel much better since the summer when find out my diagnose and also since I joined here. It is a massive relieve to have others in similar situation to talk to as I was always  alone and lost. So MD forum is one of the strategies as well. Hope all will go well for you Maxy.
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Going to bed at the same time & getting lots of sleep. That helps a lot.
People bring around the nicest food gifts. Taste a sliver. Put the rest in the freezer.
  When the Bipolar got out of control, in years past,it was because I was being the life of the party at every event. Accepting all invitations. Staying out all night & eating everything in sight.
   Taking it easy at the Holidays is no guarantee. It has however proven to keep me more stable.
    Ok. You are thinking. Boring. But with the Bipolar, I can't take the violent swings & what it does to me anymore. If I don't help my meds, my meds don't help me!      Pamela
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Exactly Pam. Iam trying to avoid extreemly exciting and emotional situations eg pop concerts as I know how high I would fly. Well few days after that I would be a total wreck- not worth it. X
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I focus on cooking an elaborate holiday menu for my family guests. I love to cook for people who like things other than Mac n cheese, waffles, and ice cream (my teenagers).

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