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Trouble expressing feelings/emotions.

My young adult daughter is in her first relationship.  She phoned me in tears a few days ago, she has trouble expressing how she feels.  She has an absentee father and I feel this may be a symptom of that situation.  I have suggested counseling.  Her response is, "The purpose of counseling is to express myself, I can't"  It breaks my heart that she's hurting.  Any suggestions on how to help her?
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This may be something that she has to learn through life experiences but I will say this anyway.  If she is having trouble expressing herself she is likely being faced with some feelings that she has never had before or is not familiar with but if you can figure out how to link what she is feeling into something that she has been through before or something that you have been through before you may be able to create an analogy that can form a foundation for her to start connecting the gaps.
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Thank you so much.  That is very helpful.  
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