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URGENT HELP REQUIRED - bipolar? pshycofrenia????

Hi i hope sum1 can help. my partner has a son from previous and we last saw him at 4 years of age and now he wanted to start coming down again and now hes 9. 1 minuit hes loving and caring then hel just flick and his eyes darken he smashes the house up, says we dont love him he wants to kill everyone, tried strangling his older sister, punches kicks headbutts he tells everyone to get out before he hurts them, threw a hammer at his grandfather, then hel look at u as if ur not there and about 3 hours later when he calms down he says a man told him to do it the thing is we now have a 5year old son aswell who sees this and im scared incase he turns on him aswell. he goes really strong as if he doesnt know his own strenghth. WORRIED
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Could be ADD or early bipolar. Getting him to see a child counselor or child psychologist will help.
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I would get him assess by a child psychologist or preferably a psychiatrist (psychiatrists are Medical Doctors so they can prescribe medication). Immediately.

In a child so young a diagnosis is tough but it doesn't sound like something he will just grow out of. He must be suffering something terrible. Poor guy. It almost sounds like aspergers or mild autism (the head bunting stuff makes me think of that) or perhaps a head injury as a child that went unnoticed.

I would not leave your 5 year old alone with him as in that state he really could do damage. He can't help himself, and as you said doesn't know his own strength.
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