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What are some things I can do if I have an outburst at school?

I'm 14 y/o male and have very big and scary outbursts. I am scared that someday I am going to hit my head or hurt myself or anyone else if my episodes start getting bad enough. And I don't want to freak out and/or scare my girlfriend either.
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Hello,  how are you?  So, a little information would be helpful.  Do you have any diagnosis that you know of?  What triggers your outbursts?  I have a son that has a hard time maintaining himself at school.  It helps him to have a good amount of physical activity during his week.  He does a sport at school.  Cross country is a good one in Fall because anyone can join, everyone is cheered on and it can keep you nice and calm during your school day.  Swimming is great too.  Really, anything you enjoy doing is good to do!  

What proceeds the outburst? What are the triggers?  Sometimes anticipating the trigger and having a plan to do instead of the outburst can be very effective for having an appropriate response.  For example, if someone freaks out at the sound of the bell letting everyone know it is time to change classes, you can plan for it. You can get a vibrating watch with a timer and have it vibrate a couple of minutes before it so you are prepared. Then you can start packing up, cover your ears, etc. to help with your negative reaction.  That's just an example.  

But it is important to talk to your parents, teachers and counselor.  

But a little more detail would be helpful.  :>)))
Oh, bipolar. Are you diagnosed with bipolar?  If so, do you take medication?  Do you see a psychiatrist?  My son has a minor developmental delay called sensory integration disorder.  His nervous system is wonky.  Doesn't work right and he has bad reactions to things that don't other anyone else.  We found the method of problem solving after knowing triggers to really help him. We'll try to help you too!  Tell us more details and we'll go from there.
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Hi there.  I wanted to come back and see how you are doing. Hope my advice helped and I'm happy to chat any time so this can get better.  :>))
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