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Words sounding like gibberish

So sometimes when people talk, the words will sound like total gibberish to me or it will sound like they were speaking in a well developed language that I don't know.  Anyone else experience this or know if it is a symptom or a normal thing?  I've had to ask people before if someone was speaking German as they walked by or something like that.

One person told me once when I kept asking him to repeat himself that he didn't stutter and I said yeah you did for me at least.
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I wouldn't think that would normally occur. I didn't experience this before recovery and I don't believe it occurs during psychosis or moodswings. I know that some causes of this can be neurological. Does it occur at intervals? Are there other losses of perception that go along with it? You might want to bring this to the attention of your doctor and ask yourself those questions and let them know as well.
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I do that too! I thought it was just me. I'm glad I'm not alone. I can hear and distinguish sounds just fine but when someone is talking to me I can't process what they're saying. I'm constantly asking people to repeat themselves despite the fact that I can hear them.  It's extremely frustrating. I wonder if it's a medication side effect or if it has something to do with the disease or maybe I'm just getting old. If there's anyone else with this problem, do you take medication and which one do you think it could be?
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Did they test you for neurological problems and were any found?  I'm curious now because ILADVOCATE brought up that point.  Does anyone else have this as the case who has this happen?
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I had epilepsy when I was younger but haven't had any problems in almost 10 years.  This showed with in the last year or so. That makes me wonder if it's med related.
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Wow, that sounds exactly like me. I thought I was just defective in some way. It really upset me because I kept trying to hear what they were saying, and it sounded like gibberish over and over again. Another odd thing is sometimes I feel compelled to talk in gibberish. And gibberish just gets repeated over and over in my head. Its odd. O.o
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budicca -
I don't know if it's med related or not.  This only happened to me while on the proper dose of meds and hasn't happened while on them that I can recall.  Perhaps it is a coincidence?  I included it in my report on my symptoms and they must of got my brain scans but I still was diagnosed with p. schizophrenia instead of some neurological disorder.  Maybe I have that and also a neurological disorder at the same time or maybe they missed something?  Perhaps it is an elaborate illusion?  I would think the neurology doctors who read my scans in the first place would of caught on unless it was subtle or they weren't experienced.

Good to see you again.  You reminded me of how when I was younger I used to do things like more than once I flipped a square foot stool on its side and rolled it and would start chanting BE BOLE BOLE BOLE over and over again like some tribal chant and I don't even know why I did.  I can't remember exactly but I think everyone looked at me like wtf.  Haha I proof read that and I went wtf myself.  Ahhh the memories.
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Yeah! My other laptop crashed, it was a little cheep piece of crap, so i decided to just invest in a new one rather than to fix this thing that KEPT CRASHING. So i finally got it.
Sometimes I think i have multiple personalities, because for a while I was completely normal, and basically forgot why i used to go on medhelp.
And then i came back on today because i turned into debra depression and i needed something to take my mind off of it. Possibly rant a bit. And remembered things again..
But right now, i cant think of much more than im typing. Everything's in slow motion. Even though i think my minds moving quickly..My body isn't coinciding...
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I know this is a very old post but it sounds like central auditory processing disorder. I am not the first bipolar person I know that has it so I wonder if occurs more in us or maybe I just know too many bipolar people. I hope you we able to figure this out already!
My son has sensory integration disorder and auditory processing is part of the nervous system and this umbrella.  I'm not sure if it is related at all to bipolar but anxiety often accompanies people with sensory processing difficulties.  An occupational therapist can help greatly with any auditory processing issues by the way.  Not sure if that is what the OP is speaking of but thought I'd mention it in case you need help with auditory processing disorder.  good luck to you
wow i have Anxiety and this happens to me ALOT at school, the teacher talks and i hear some weird type of language. i thought it was bc i sometimes watch asian movies XD but now i understand.
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This kind of happens to me except it feels like the person is speaking too fast. I usually blame it on the phone connection or something because I'm too self-conscious to say I can't understand you.
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