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Working with bipolar

I have bipolar and am on SSDI. I would love to go back to work. I am trying to think of jobs to pursue that would be a healthy environment for me. What kinds of jobs have people had success with? Thanks!
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Try to avoid shifts. You need to sleep well and on time.
Try to have daily routine.

Try job and place that not trigger your symptoms.
Do you find a job like this? You don't have to say what company but what field?
Do you find a job like this? You don't have to say what company but what field?
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currently working part time with bipola disorder
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Can you tell us what kind of work you do?
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I am in the same boat as you. I was in the process of writing a long reply when my IPad decided to shut off and I lost everything. Don't know how much time I have left. Will try again tomorrow from my husbands computer.
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Back again. I decided to start volunteering and see how that goes before taking the plunge to dive back into work. However, I can't decide what kind of work to do. So I'm with you, any suggestions would be great. The jobs I've done in the past were very stressful or hard on the body. So I am starting from scratch and can't think of anything.
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