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alcohol lithium/gabapentin

Ok, so I'm not a serious alcohol drinker. I think i've had acohol 8 times in my life and i'm in my late twenties. but, i had a pina colada tonight, and i wanted to have some advice on how safe this was. i'm not looking for an extremist view, but a realistic one.
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There are two reasons not to drink if you are taking psych meds. One is that is can increase or decrease the effects of the drugs. The other is that alcohol is a depressant and can increase depression.
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Most of the meds I've tried have indicated alcohol's not an option, seems the effects can be unpleasant. I've had a couple of small drinks of booze without any apparent effects, but not got anywhere near drunk. Guess that might be catastrophic mixed with meds. For me it's better to avoid alcohol, rather than trying to control how much I take. ie Abstinence is better than Temperance. The drugs you're on are not one's I'd mix with drink. Best to do all you can to avoid the horrors it could bring. Your choice!
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