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biplar daily checkin charts?

Hi Everyone,
I am looking for charts and worksheets online that are free that tell me about symptoms to look.
I have bipolar type 2. I specifically need help charting my manic and depressed states.
Does anyone know a free resource?
I have self laminated sheets so that when I make a chart I can laminate it to make it resuseable. I really want to do this soon. I find the charts help me be accountable to myself and understand the illness better.
Thank you
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How are you doing wavydays?  How's your summer going?  I"m doing a check in with you to see!
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You can journal here at medhelp for a record of what is going on.  I like that because you can mark it private and keep it going to read back on later. They also have a tracker here.  Check out your home page/profile page here at medhelp for those options.  This is the same thing https://www.amazon.com/Bipolar-Mood-Chart-Emotions-Notebook/dp/1076138365  But you have to keep a paper copy.  I like the online option myself for things like this.  :>)))
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I agree with using medhelp to track my moods and thoughts, feelings, patterns of sleep, etc...
It is so neatly organized and saves carrying around a notebook.
Great!  So, how are you doing?  How are things going?
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