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do i have bi-polar or depression?

im 19 years old and im not sure if i have bi-polar, or depression, iv taken online test and they all say to seek medical attention, but how do you ask your doctor for help with something like this, what im feeling is undecsrible and i can not seem to put it into words, iv even considered killing my self and am very close to it, have looked up both side affects of these illnesses and fit most of the criteria so am i just being indenile or stupid please help!
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  Yes the most important thing is to speak to a psychiatrist and explain what is happening. Online tests can be highly inaccurate and its best not to self diagnose. Depression can of course occur on its own but it can also be part of bipolar and some types of bipolar have depression more than mania but only a psychiatrist would understand this in full. These sites do have some helpful information:
   You could discuss this with a psychiatrist and they could then see how to best help you. Also it is worthwhile to keep a mood tracker and print out the results for your psychiatrist. If you have suicidal ideations at any time its best to seek help as soon as possible.
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IT is very hard to ask for help.  If you have a normal doctor you trust, talk to them.  They understand the fellings that you can't describe and can lead you in the right direcction.  The best thing I ever did for myself was talk to my doctor.  I was having suicidal thoughts also.  You are not stupid.  
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Hi welcome to the forum,

I would be careful about diagnosing yourself as the more you look at it you can develop symptoms that aren't even there.  It is likely you have a mood disorder but it may not be bipolar and that is a good thing.  If your doctor doesn't help, call a help line or got to the emergency room when you start having suicidal thoughts.  They will likely put you into a recovery program where you can be diagnosed properly and be under the supervision of professional mental health specialists.  Most likely that could be your best opportunity for a proper diagnosis.  If you understand the diagnosis and are willinf to take the medication and give it time to work that could be your last step.  If not you can always get a second opinion......Good Luck
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Dear Rebeca,

u r only 19 years old.these kind of things r very normal in this age especially when people start to face real life...or have u undergone some bad experiences recently..?u may have slight depression bt you urself can cure it very easily..wake up early mornin...exercise,be with people most of the times.within a very short period it will be gone..or if it doesn't , then try to analyse what xactly provoked ur stress, find a solution to it and done...aftr tryin all these , if i is still not workin, talk with ur parents they can definitely help u out.dont go to a psychiatrist alone..u will regret later..bcoz after all its a business world....
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My advice would be to speak with your local doctor/GP about the way you are feeling. They will probably refer you to a psychiatrist if the things you describe are really that bad. At this moment in time if I were you I would not jump to the conclusion that you are bipolar, let the professionals tell you otherwise. Obsessing over a condition that you may not even have can make you feel even worse and it is not healthy. Focus on things that may help you feel better and then medication may be the next step. If you are feeling exteremly suicidal then some time in hospital may be appropriate and this can help professionals monitor you. Taking online tests does not determine that you have bipolar.
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The important thing is that you are suicidal and that has to be treated first. And it is really important it get treated right away. Please go to the doctor today or tomorrow at the latest.

Online tests can be helpful as a start to see what is wrong but they aren't the greatest because it is really easy to skew the tests. The questions the doctor will ask you are similar to the ones on the online tests. Things like "how are you sleeping, have you thoughts of suicide, are you distancing yourself from family and friends, and have you been eating more or less".

It is important to tell them if you think you may be bipolar and what the 'up' stages look like. Medication for depression (SSRI's, SNRI's) can flip a bipolar person into hypomania or mania.

Suicide is a very dangerous thing to toy with so don't wait to get help. And if you have moved from making plans into buying things to carry out the plan then get to the ER. You are worth saving, and this horrible horrible pain will not last forever. I promise you that. The pain does go away.
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I have to VERY STRONGLY disagree with Jacson585's statement about depression being "normal" at this age or "curable."

There is nothing "normal" about deep, prolonged depression -- especially that which coincides with suicidality.

Depression which goes on for an extended period of time, and greatly impairs your quality of life and functioning, deserves and NEEDS professional attention.

Here are the facts:

--The age of onset for bipolar disorder and depression MOST OFTEN OCCURS between the ages of 18-25.

--This is also the age group with which the standardized mortality ratio lies in. In other words, those who suffer from bipolar disorder are MOST LIKELY, statistically speaking, to attempt suicide (and very often succeed) in this age range, moreso than any other.

--Despite these disorders so often surfacing at this age, many people do not seek help until their symptoms worsen. Some wait as long as TEN YEARS before getting the serious help that they so desperately need.

THE ONLY THING THAT IS "NORMAL" ABOUT SEVERE DEPRESSION IN TEENS is that so many adults fail to recognize the signs and mistakenly disregard this serious condition.

I was diagnosed at age 18. Without that diagnosis, I do not think I would be alive today. I reached a crisis point, and I had to decide, literally, between life and death.

Do not let ANYONE define for you what is "normal" depression and what isn't. Trust your intuition, and be an advocate for yourself. Talk to a doctor about your struggles. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem -- I've learned this the hard way, but you do not have to.

Getting help can be difficult, but I promise you, it will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself. You deserve to be healthy and balanced.

Jacson585 might define psychiatry as a "business," but to hell with that -- it may be a business, but millions of people suffering from a mental illness will tell you that it is a "business" that has saved their life. Mental illness is a DISEASE, like any other disease. It is one that affects the chemicals in your brain.

People take medications for high blood pressure or diabetes. Taking medications for a mental illness is not in ANY WAY different from any other life-saving medication.

BUT FIRST: You need a diagnosis to figure out what is really going on. You deserve help, and believe me, if I could stick you in a wheelbarrow and take you to the doctor myself, I would do it.

If you need any resources or have any questions, please respond to this thread, and I'm sure many of us would be more than happy to give you more guidance.

Remember that you are not alone in this. There is a way out, and it doesn't have to be an end to your life.
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I would also like to add a resounding "yes" to many of the other posts on this thread. Self-diagnosing only creates more distress. Leave that to the professionals. And if you find yourself in crisis, do not be afraid to go to the nearest emergency room.

Good luck!!
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