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does anyone else with bp have this problem

I get distracted easily or sometimes even confused or disorented and I loose things or forget stuff....
Is this a symtom of bipolar??? It happens to me more frequently than your avrage person but sometimes when I'm manic or really busy it starts happening a lot
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thanks so much for all the replies.....
its really great to know that I'm not alone in this
I try really hard to hide it from other people
(kindof an embaressing secret really
I forget stuff pretty often but I wasn't sure if it was bipolar or not
I was diagnosed with ADD as a kid and had some pretty common signs for it
so it just got me woundering why am I so forgetful?
I think it was taking its toll on my last relationship as well
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I'm fortunate to have a husband that remembers everything.  I'll call out to him - where did I put my purse and he'll tell me exactly where it is.   Unfortunately, he doesn't come to work with me - I could really use him there!  

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I've always been very forgetful and "scatterbrained".  I forget what I'm doing, forget what i'm saying, forget that I'm holding something that I go to look for, I've even forgotten my own birthday.

Mom always told me it was because I'm thinking too fast and too much ;)

Post its and to-do lists have saved me!  And I still don't have a good hold of things all of the time, haha.
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i too get very frustrated with confusion and forgetfulness....heck ive already threw my wedding rings in the trash without realizing i did it....thank god the trash didn't go yet lol and i found them....my husband tells me i have to focus and he is right i have to be more careful about my actions and stop and think i literally have to talk to myself as i am doing it to reassure myself...this is absoutely normal when you are bipolar
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Very common events in my Daughters life. It makes things Majorly difficult especially where school and such is concerned. When she is stable it is not quite as bad but some of it has to do with medications too....
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what you describe is typical bipolarity. I am afraid you can symptomatize BP by the fact of distractability, confusion, forgetfulness, etc... But no harm done so long as you know instead of panicking.

What i do in this situation is that i say Ah! it's my BP now because at some other times you find yourself Ok

don't worry and don't refer everything to BP otherwise if you lose money you will say it's my BP if you don't pray regularly you will say it's my BP and so on... the important thing don't panick. I know people not BP and yet forget things very easily, are often distractable as well, etc... so bipolarity is not the end of the world there are much worse things. If you remember this you will get cured. Usually when i see someone in a worse situation than myself I say to myself: thanks GOD that you created me in a much better situation than this fellow. This will make you good
and hope you the best of luck
N.B: I forget to tell you that females are more disoriented than males this is true. For instance if someone tells a female while we sit in a room where is the coffee shop say usually a woman and this I found so many times, she will point to a wrong direction. Also they drive worse than men for instance (i am not against women pls, i am only stating a fact i witnessed often).
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