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financial aid

my son is a college student. The school has no medical plan. Insurance will not cover him as they say it is a pre-existing condition. Where does he get financial aid so he can get medical help with a psychiatrist and councillor.? He lives in Lee Summit, MO
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I belive that Mo has some very good medicaid.He will have to apply at the DHS there and see what he is elgible for.
My daughter used to live in Spring field MOand work at a crisis center. I will ask her tomorrow what he could do for sure.
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Here in Iowa our "county of permanent residence" will help people with the cost of seeking mental health services, but they won't help on meds.  For meds you have to go through the prescription assistance programs which are a lot of paperwork but worth it in the long run.  Your best bet is to go to the Dept of Human Services (or whatever it's called there) and ask them about your options.  If he is under 21 he may qualify for title 19 ins.
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I was  hospitalized. 2 months in Elgin Mental Health Center after having a nervous breakdown. I have been diagnosed as Bi-Polar. I am still experiencing temporary amnesia. I have no income at the present time and am struggling to pay my rent and bills. I don’t want to be evicted and out in the streets. I need emergency funds to pay for rent and current bills due. Please consider helping me with my financial situation. This is a REAL EMERGENCY. My e-mail address is ***@**** - Please respond.

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You could find out about options as regards housing for people with psychiatric disabilities at your local independent living center. There is one in every county of every state. They could let  you know what is available (supported housing is one option) and then help you apply for it:
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