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going to the restroom alot more at night from lithiem??

im going to the restroom alot more at night..this has to be from the lithium?? ive never went this much during the night..i had to go get on some meds called ddavp to slow it down so i can sleep..it makes the urine more condensed so you go alot less
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I had it at first as well, seemed to settle down after a month or so though, it might be a side effect of the increased thirst james - though I recall you have a kidney issue so that might compound it.

It always felt like i needed to go worse than I did, and then only a small amount would be expelled - is that what youre getting?
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yeah it could be..but i only got 1 kidney but it works good every blood test ive got..i get that urge were i need to go also but its not much..thanks guy
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The first thing that pops into my mind is check for diabetes.  There are also urological issues you could be having, so I wouldn't just ignore the problem if it persists.  See your urologist.

I was thirsty more and drank more with lithium, but it didn't make me get up at night.  The last thing that did that was a urinary tract infection.

It could be your prostate.
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oops, sent to wrong person  sorry
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