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how do you feel,without sleep??

I got 4 hrs last night..i feel like im way out there..i do this about 3 times in 3 month's..but if I go more than a night no or very little sleep, they would put me hospital to watch me....are you this bad explain thanks
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  My sleep has been continuously disrupted for a while
although some of the reasons are other than mental.
It can have a long term physical impact
on a person's health so its worthwhile to discuss
this concern with your psychiatrist and
see what they might recommend as regards follow up.
They would need to see whether
its from a mood disorder concern
or purely a sleep concern and
then make an appropriate decision
within their clinical discretion.
There are also some practical steps as regards
sleep hygiene that can help with sleep disruption.
  They would not necessary hospitalize
you and a follow up with a sleep study
is an easy to undergo procedure
that is voluntary. It was quite
helpful for them in determining the cause
of my insomnia and how to treat it.
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thanks friend,yea sleep comes and goes for a lot of mental people
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I guess it is a matter of how your body has adjusted to the amount of sleep that you get each day. For some people, 4 hours is more than enough to get them going the next day while others require at least 8 hours of sleep each night.
For those who are used to long hours of sleep, getting less can mean less productivity and prolonged less sleep can mean getting sick as their body is not used to it.
If you feel that you didn't get enough sleep during the night, try taking naps, even short naps, during the day so you'd feel energized.
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