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how to improve my concentration


Usually bipolars work as freelancer due to the lack of commitment towards a regular job. But I am not inclined to try it  On the contrary i have a regular job which pays well "unfortunately". Why unfortunately, it's because I almost do nothing there, my boss understands my illness. I asked them to cut my salary the days i am absent but they were not interested of doing this.

But frankly i begin to get worried because eventually they may fire me. 3 days now and i am absent. I am totally exhausted and can't explain why, so i lifted one AP to improve my energy. but still when i sit to read i do it for a 1/4 of an hour then have some motor activity and become restless and need to move.

do i have to accept bipolarity as a curse which i can't escape it, or do you know of any excercise to inprove my concentration and endurence to work. is concentration considered a bad stress to this extent
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I would also like to know this. I struggle with concentrating. :(
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Is it safe to assume you've mentioned this to your Psychiatrist?  What was his/her take on it?

This isn't to say you also have ADHD/ADD, since I was diagnosed with it when I was diagnosed with Bipolar; however, perhaps that might be an avenue you might want to explore.  I find that my Adderall does wonders for my concentration and focus, and since it's a stimulant, it provides me with an extra boost of energy.

Best of luck,

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Recently we're thinking my husband has ADD and we're taking him to the doctor. A psychologist at my work gave him some tests and he took them. I decided to take them too, because I was curious. I scored in the "high probability of sever ADD" range. Here's the thing, though. I don't think it is ADD for me. Because although the numbers add up, I don't behave like ADD. I think my bipolar mimics ADD. However, there are some very key things to bipolar such as grandios thinking, suicidal thoughts, and other things that are not present in ADD.

Also, the psychologist told me that 80% of people with ADD also have bipolar. That was amazing to learn, so it is still possible. I just think for me it is not the case.
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I think it's probably different for everyone... I thrive on my job, the regular routine makes me me feel secure. Plus, I do like my job, alot....

There are times, though- when My illness takes over and makes me so miserable that I would rather curl up in a hole than to go out and face the world in any capacity. I am missing work today, I missed yesterday and came home early on Wednesday-- severe stomache issues... Even went to the doctor, thought maybe I had a virus ( probably so)  Doc thought maybe it was gallbladder ( had xrays and ultrasound today) looked normal to me, at least....

So maybe it is all in my head, as they say-- literally...maybe I am worrying myself into a phrenzy that manifests as physical illness/symptoms...

I'm sorry I got way off your topic!!!  ( poor conentration???)  LOL!

Seriously, there are many days I have similar problems, i just cant focus on anything for more than a few minutes... I just get restless-- but nothing seems to quench that restless thirst. I try meditation and yoga... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...  

As for your employer, it seems they are very compassionate in your situation. How that looks in the future, is any one's guess. Just do what you can, do the best that you can, and try not to worry -- yeah, I know like telling a fish not to swim-- Life will unfold for us in what ever capacity it is meant to be.

Dont try to force your focus or concentration-- that only makes it worse...take a short walk-- look around you-- take in every little detail, everything you can...Sometimes the brain is just hungry, I think, for fresh input...
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Well, my employer deals with me, I think. I am just fortunate this psychologist works here. She is no longer practicing. I work in a large healthcare corporation, so I have access to people who otherwise would be blocked. She is very nice and willing to answer questions sometimes. She is a genuinely caring person.

My job... I deal with it. I have to work for survival. It could be worse. I just do my best and show up every day and pray that someday I will either be well enough to keep going or something more suitable for my illness will come along.
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oh yeah, causing your body to act sick due to mental trouble is called somatoform. I have it happen to me, too.
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Xila31: It sounds like you have the same mentality that I do.  C:  I currently have a full-time and part-time job, and some days I might not be all mentally there, but I deal with it, and hope my co-workers will just bear with me.  You are definitely a trooper!

You can have multiple diagnoses, with each symptoms contributing to a different disorder.  So your grandiose thinking and suicidal thoughts are part of your Bipolar, but they don't have to be part of your ADD, for you to have ADD.  Although, it is also likely that the lines will blur between which disorder actually contributes to what symptoms.  Agitation is also a symptom of ADD/ADHD, which I suffer from.  Now, whether that is due to Bipolar or my ADHD, I'm not sure.

I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by, "I don't behave like ADD".  Are you talking about the more well known symptoms of it?  I don't act like I have ADHD, minus the lack of concentration, but I do have less known symptoms of it, and irritability is one of them.

adel_ezz: What medications are you currently taking?
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I am taking
risperidone 1mg at night
seroquel 25mg at night
stablon (AD) 12.5 in the morning
used to take a typical AP stelazin but i stopped 2 days ago

today i didn't take stablon/coaxil so i'm feeling ok (no mixed states or rapid cycling) but will i continue like this tomorrow working day?. Of course not most likely i shall fall into depression.

my father says abilify is best for me but i fear to change. will it replace an AD, if it does then problem is solved. OK it's activating but nobody is sure of anything else.

Thanks for your reply. hope you are doing well
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I am diagnosed ADHD. I would address your concern with your doctor. He/she may  recommend a herbal supplement that might enhance your focus. Good luck!

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I just re read the title of your thread. Here are some tips to improve your concentration

* remove surrounding distractions ( radio, fan, etc)
* have all your supplies you need near by ( paperclips, stapler, pens,etc.)
* set a small production goal with a time restraint
* make lists of what needs to be done and check mark things that have been completed
* reward yourself for each period of concentration

Hope this helps!
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concerning herbal and the like (omega 3, flaxseed,.....), am thinking to change my AD to st john's wort. however i read that it isn't suitable for bp pts because it drives them manic. this is true of course like all the other AD's, I accept this fact, but is there ANYTHING special about it that makes it unsuitable to BP pts.

OK, I mean does anybody know someone with a BP disorder taking it and is not dead?
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I know a few people who lost it after trying st. johns wort. One of them wasn't bipolar, but was told they have BP tendencies. I wouldn't chance it.
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What I meant by "I don't act like I have ADD" was, I have all of the symptoms of Bipolar but the only symptom I share with ADD is lack of concentration. I have all of the flags that would make them not diagnose me ADD, such as grandios thinking, flight of ideas, suicidal thoughts with plan.... blah blah blah. Also, I only have the ADD symptom, (concentration problem) when I have hypomania. So therefore, I mimic ADD, but I don't actually have it.
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Adel_Ezz: I actually asked my Psychiatrist about trying herbal supplements, but he didn't even consider it an option, and did mention the high possibility that it could throw me into a manic state.  However, he said the decision was ultimately mine, but that was enough to discourage me from trying different herbal supplements.  Either way, since you're suppose to let you Psychiatrist know of any other medication changes he's not in control/aware of, I would ask your Psychiatrist his/her opinion.

Xila31: Okay, that makes sense to me now.  Thanks for the clarification.  C:
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As far as I can tell none  of those are theraputic doses.

Really you need to sort out this stuff Adel

I also disagree with the freelancing and commitment statements - they are bad generalisations - I know very few BP's who work as freelancers the majority have normal job and we have no issues with concentration as a whole - its completely u to each indiidual.

And finally ADHD drugs can be very dangerous too bipolar patients and should be discussed with a pdoc  first.
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When I saw this, I thought this post, so I figured I'd share it with you all.  C:


Hope this helps!

- HoneyNute
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