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is he sick?

my friend is 26 years old.whenever something doesn't happen the way he wants it, he gets really angry and hates the person/reason behind it and wants to take revenge
he seems to be hating everyone
he has been hating and taking revenge from his childhood (a very bad childhood without any love)
when someone doesn't do what he wants, he hates that person and he hurts that person to take revenge
he admits that he doesn't care if his actions hurt other people
he gets angry so often and scolds everyone.he shouts at everyone
if someone does something bad to him, he remembers it very well and takes revenge
he says he wants to go to hell after his death
he is abusive when he is angry
it seems that when he gets angry, he cant control the urge to take revenge by hurting
he says he likes satan
he has a gf but shes done something which he doesn't like (and he had to do something he doesnt like, because of her) and now he treats her very badly, he hates her too! poor girl loves him very much and cant leave him.but he scolds her and hurts her (mentally) to take revenge.he is giving hell to all the people who love him.specially his girl. i read some emails by him to her (she is a relative of mine). those say things like "you are stupid" "go die" etc but he seems to be good when his hate is not eating him. he has even got her a necklace.
what do you think?is he mentally sick?if so, what is this disorder?
where shall we take him? to a psychologist or a psychiatrist?

it doesn't seem to be antisocial personality disorder.he hates people but he doesn't lie and he doesn't fail to plan ahead.he doesn't have Poor work behavior or failure to honor financial obligations. but , he does not care that others get hurt by what he does...i have asked this b4.
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This person needs to see a doctor who can then advise on the best course of action, whether that be with a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

His behaviour is destructive both to himself and others.  Does he acknowledge his behaviour?  If not then he may well refuse to seek help and there is little you can do if that is the case.

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he somesimes says that "i cant control  my rage" "dont make me angry or else you dont know what will happen"
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We can all control our rage with help.  Does he say he wants to get help?

If he does have a mood disorder then medication combined with therapy will help with all of his issues.  If he doesn't then stand alone therapy will be what is needed, either anger management or cognitive behaviour therapy.  Either way he needs to see a professional.
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