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is there anybody out there?

im hoping to get a bit of support. im 37yrs old 5months preggie and feeling like complete yuck ****. its just not being preggie im glad and thrilled at the thought of it after 7miscarriages . the death of both my parents a month apart from cancer. living in uk far far awy from any family for 15yrs. i have two beautiful children . a gourgeous house and cool husband. a fantastic bestfriend in london.  but faraway from LA. and any support ( my family dont stay in touch) its hard to explain to others (husband. bestfriend) what its like to suffer this  awful black cloud of misery when they cant understand what i mean. oh i know its not there faults. but i just want someone to say hey i know wht you mean. your not alone. i understand what you mean about all the meds and juggling a fulltime family life keeping a spouse happy and etc. someone to say your not alone .  been to many forums i cant seem to conect with people. dont know why. am i really being misunderstood or am just as sad as i feel?  some help. anyone share experiences with me? say im not crazy or alone in misery and black cloud of  rollercoaster of emotions from this illness ive suffered since a teen.

im a good person i think. .. i just want to be understood and not feel so damn alone.

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I am currently not Sad but Happy.  But you are not alone.  I have servre BiPolar and have surrered fro mit since a child.

When you are low you can't see a way out.

You are cut off from your large support system of family and friends in LA.  YOu have a good life in England but you greatly miss your support network in Law2.

I have one parent and the other is completely unsupportive of my life choices.  I am sorry that you have both parents die of cancer.

While being pregnant you are more vunerable to getting depressed and feeling so low as you are.  Try your best to make the most of the support you can get from your England and LA family and friends.  I too got depressed during my 2nd pregnancy and felt very isolated.  My partner was very supportive and help me to get out of it.

You must not be hard onyourself as you are going through a tough time .... being pregnant  made me want to have lots of people that I cared for all around me to look after me.  My family were all too far away and could not come so I did what I could and got the support from friends and also got telephone from family that wanted to support me.  My father did not want me to have another child (as I had a complete psychosis relaspe with my first child which made me go into hospital with baby for 3months) and he did not offer any support of even say that he was happy for me.  That really hurt me and even  2 years later I find it hard to even talk to him or feel that he has been a father to me and my family.

I am here to offer what support I can.  Let me know how you are??
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thanks for your support i really appreicate it.  nice to know i am not alone in this. and i thank you for your comments.

bestwishes sinx
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Congrats on your baby on the way!  That is so exciting.  It is really hard to wait for something like that to succeed after so many tries.  I tried to get pregnant for 2 years with no luck (no miscairages though) but I decided to stop trying until I can get more stable.  Plus it was really stessful.

I read your post under "symptoms of bipolar " and your experiences sound almost exactly like mine.  I was diagnosed 2 months ago as bi polar.  My life has been a roller coaster lately, and I hate roller coasters.  It has been extremely tough to get support from my family and friends. My husband is very anti-medication and my parents keep telling me it will pass soon.  They don't seem to understand the term lifelong illness.  It makes me feel forced to feel better soon, when the fact is I may never get completely better.  It is so hard to talk about because no one really understands unless they have been through it.  I have found support in some strange places though.  Reading posts on this sight has really helped educate me and made me feel less lonely.   Also, my boss seems to be the only one who really cares.  She offered to buy me books on bipolar, help pay my medical bills, and even called my doctor when I missed work for several days to tell him I might need some help.  My family won't even look at a book I highlighted with info on what I am going through.  I really hope you can find even one person who cares and is truely interested in your well being.  I, a stranger, care because I don't want anyone to go through what I have been experiencing.

I have found that when I am realy hyper and anxious  it sometimes helps when I try to focus on one thing.  I make jewelry, especially chain, so even though I can hardly sit still at first, the more I try to concentrate on weaving a chain and block everything out the the more calm I get.  Have you found anything like that to help you?  I don't have any suggestions on how to deal with the depression though.  I just pray it ends soon.  

I hope you feel better soon.  Just remember you are not the only one on this roller coaster ride.
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Hiya hun,  I'm no expert on pregnancy or bipolar but I've been bipolar since I was a child (not teen, child).  The support I found was in philosophy.  I found that thinking great thoughts and higher consciousnesses worked to bring me out of depressions.  This is 1 rollercoaster that nobody should have to ride but while we're here on it, we might as well get something out of it.  I write poetry.  I'm published but only in coffeetable editions.  I'm looking for a real publisher right now.  If you can't find support in your friends or partner because they don't understand then try looking at church, temple or wherever people gather around you.  I'm not a shy person so meeting people isn't that hard for me but I'll talk to almost anybody too lol.  If you can come on here and talk to complete strangers, why not try a few strange people in your neighborhood.  I find the stranger the better lol.  Ask your med pros if they'd be willing to help you find friends that you haven't met yet in your area that are bipolar.  I know it sounds kind of silly but crazy people tend to help other crazy people best.  That's just my opinion tho.  I hope I've helped just a little.  I'll be around here somewhere if you feel you need a friend online.  Shane
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