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marijuana question

I do NOT do mary jo however other people I know do. I am currently in a court program that does random drug testing and I am afraid that being around everyone who does may affect my drug test. Does anyone know anything about this at all. I do not sit in an enclosed room, it is a porch and I will admit that sometimes I am to tired to move from the area. Can someone please be clear and honest about this for once? I have heard many different answers to this and am looking for a clear answer for once. Thanks
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Umm why would this be a biploar forum question?

Id say the only answer is if you are in a court program which uses random drug testing and you hang around people who use drugs you need to make a decision about hanging around those people VS going to jail.

At least thats how I see it.  
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If you are in a court program like that, you've had a issue previously I am guess?? You can get it in your system by second hand smoke. I personally wouldn't recommend even being remotely close to them.

Like monkey said, why are you posting here? We do not condone any illicit activity in any form at medhelp.
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From the description at the top of the page for Bipolar Disorder Community:

Bipolar Disorder is also known as "Manic Depressive Disorder". This forum is for questions and support for people with, or for loved ones of people with Bipolar Disorder. The forum covers topics ranging from Aggressive Behavior, Affect on friends and Family, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Appetite Changes, Chronic Pain, Denial, Depression, Difficulty Concentrating, Euphoria, Guilt, Manic Depression, Medications, Mood Swings, Poor Judgment, and Sleep Disorders

Isn't this person with bipolar disorder asking a question related to concerns about "alcohol and drug abuse" issues? Do people really have to be so careful about what they ask here?
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It seems to me that my comment has been misinterpreted - this question does not have anything to do with addiction its a straight one - should I be around people who use illegal drugs when I am on a court order and subject to drug tests?

I did not think this was a question of a bipolar nature - its a question of another nature entirely to my mind.

I do not mean to offend anyone at all, and further I freely admit that marijuana is in my opinion one of the more dangerous drugs around because its seen as safe and pushed as safe despite the body of evidence that its not and that we do not condone or support illegal drug use here - I mean come on how could we?

I just think that the point is - if people around you use drugs which can affect you by their smoke (and marijuana can) and those drugs are bad for bipolars (and marijuana is) then staying away from them is a good idea and thats without the legal risks.

We have had people on here self medicating with oxycodone and others with serious addiction to illegal drugs - the answer is always the same - stop using.
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I do understand the question. If you are in a court program and have never used you are asking if being around other people who did and breathing in the second smoke could and that's a potential yes. I have never used it or even drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes (anything really because my natural father died in an alcohol related accident and was a rampant alcoholic as well as often unmedicated for schizophrenia) but I've been around people who have in the past. I know that I used to go to a poetry reading where some people would smoke marijuana. It pretty much annoyed me but I couldn't stop them (at the time, since the anti-smoking laws in N.Y.C. it doesn't occur there anymore) but I have a friend who works in a psych. hospital as an employee and she says she doesn't go there because they do random drug tests and it could create a potential false positive.
  Not sure why you posted the question in the bipolar forum but if you have ever had issues of any kind including substance abuse issues feel free to discuss them. But if not and you wanted a clear answer that's as close to one as I know. The best thing is to cut ties from people who smoke it to avoid being around them,as a court program is a serious matter. Many things will create false positives (not sure about the old rumor of poppyseeds on bagels creating false positive tests for heroin tests but stupidities like that occur) but if its a misunderstanding like that they will understand but being around people who smoke it might not make them so lenient. Best to avoid those people for a while and make new friends in the meantime.
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Her question has nothing to do with condoning the use of illegal drugs or self-medicating with them. It sounds to me that she is just afraid and concerned, not like she's trying to get away with an occasional breath of second hand smoke. It's hard for me to see how you can think that's what she's doing. Or maybe I'm just naive to her cunning ploy to deceive us?

From her post, it sounds like she's stuck in a bad situation, maybe from past addiction, and perhaps has no easy way out of it. She may not have the money or energy or emotional stability to leave the place or people that are currently in her life.

I think that the point is that she came to this community for help with this question - misguided or not - but instead got insults and accusations. At least, that's how I would feel about it if I had been the one to ask that question, which is why I spoke up.

And it still leaves me with the feeling: Wow, does a person have to be so very careful about questions that they ask here?
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No you dont have to be careful - ask anything but as well there is an implication that anyone can answer within the rules.

The question as asked is all we can answer, yes that ***** but hey look at some of the other forum posts where people spend so much time dancing around subjects we also cannot answer for many reasons.

Im not sure what you want us to do daledude?  I mean the answer is clear -  if this endagers a court program with popping positive on a drug test then the answer is stay away from the problem.  I think thats a clear answer to the asked question.

Is there anything else we can say?  We regularly talk publicly and privately to people in all types of trouble and hell, there are several members here who have been talked away from the edge and into hospital - we are far from unfeeling and uncaring people in any way shape or form but there are some questions you cant answer in anything but one way.

If this poster needs support, caring, advice on doctor or anything she will find lots of people here to help her out anyway they can - I fail to see why this question seems to have elicited so much response from you, as if our responses are uncaring and horrible - we answered the question and we noted that this didnt fit into this forum

What we did not say and should have is there are substance abuse forums and addiction forums here who might be able to help.

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Ok, reading through all the comments I think that it is apparent that the answer to your question is: yes you could test positive from breathing in the smoke around you.

The advice given regarding trying to get away from the people who continue to do this drug is valid for a number of reasons, not just the fact that it could hamper your court programme but also the higher temptation for you to start using it yourself.

As with all advice, we are not aware of your full set of circumstances and realise that sometimes taking action is hard.

Monkeyc has already mentioned the substance abuse forum and the addiction forum which are there to support you if either of these subjects relate to you.

From a BP persective - you are already vulnerable and it does worry me that if you hit a down spiral you would be tempted to starting using again and this would obviously have a serious impact on your life.  

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I'm sorry if my post came off harsh, but you didn't mention that you had BP in any way in your post.
Personally I would stay away, even second had smoke, pot can mess with your brain, and it's a depressant.  My best friend fell off the pot wagon, and there is no way to avoid the smoke in her apartment. I have to leave, plus it stinks  like hell.  The only reason why I"m still friends with her is that we have been close friends for 6 yrs, and she didn't start smoking pot until 2006. She cleaned up for about 2 months, but caved again, she doesn't get it that it's an addiction. I also think she is Bipolar or has Borderline Personality disorder, but refuses to take the proper meds.

I would avoid the situation until you've finished all your legal stuff.  I'm sure folks will understand that you do it to take care of yourself. Stay away from cold medicines as well, I think the drug is ephedrine or pseudo ephedrine, that will show up as an illicit drug as well.
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Random drug tests are meant to catch users.
second hand smoke may affect you slightly.  
Stay clean and make this period of time pass well for you..:)
happy new year!
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As a relative newcomer to this forum, I am baffled by the harsh reception meted out to Tyger for merely asking a question.  Is it customary here for the established members to jump down an inquirer's throat for having the audacity to open his or her mouth?  Surely, there are other offenses more worthy of condemnation.  Sometimes the message of WHAT is being said can be lost because of HOW it is said.

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I'm sorry you feel that way, I believe we rectified the situations and apologies made. I would suggest you peruse any other query in the forum, we are really nice folks.
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Im not sure what more some of us could do here, we answered the question and it was not intended to be harsh at all?

Is it customary.. Hey read the other threads here, the notes we leave on peoples pages and so on - Id say its not customary as its not what was done here.  I think its far too easy to read subtext into written words on a website which seems to be what people are doing right now.

Ive re-read what I wrote and it might easily be seen as dismissive or baffled but I dont think we were harsh at all and I sure as heck did not condemm the poster for this situation they are in at all just put our opinions forward that this is a bad situation to be in so avoid it.

I truly am confused why this question and responses to it seem to be causing people to get so worked up?  Its a non question, common sense, logic, not a hard answer at all from where I sit?

If we have been harsh how about offering a response which is different to ours?  Explain what this poster can do aside from avoid the situation she is in right now?  

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I will truly say that I am so sorry I asked a question about pot. To clarify my personal life with all of you, I am BP, OCD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. I grew up in a very strict family and lots of physical emotional and sexual abuse. When I posed the mary jo question it was out of fear and nothing more. ALSO, I HAVE NEVER ABUSED DRUGS!!!! Just so you all know I passed the drug test, and I posed the question more out of just lookin for help. I didnt realize it was MH questions only. I am sorry I upset alot of you and we can now leave this question alone. I will make sure future questions are related to mental health only. Thank you all who stood up for me, I do appreciate it and those of you who judged, well I feel bad for you. I dont judge why should you?
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Thank you for what you said. It was all coming down to miscommunication is all. I didnt know this was BP questions only and if I have a q we should all be happy that I came to you instead of trying to figure it out for myself and maybe doing something stupid that I could have regretted. Those of you who are BP, have you never gone off the beaten path and asked a crazy q before that to others may have made no sense? How did you feel if they passed judgment or criticized instead of being patient with you. U should know with BP many things can be taken wrong and u lash or get hurt easily. So, aadel, Im not judging you Im just stating to others that that is how things can be misinterpretated so easily.
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Hi, since posting last I've had a chance to speak to a local Criminal Justice Drug Worker and I asked her your question regarding second hand smoke.  She assures me that you cannot test positive from it.  You can only test positive if you have sat and smoked it yourself.  

I'm glad the test came back negative and at least now you know you have no need to worry on that score.

It is an easy assumption to make that someone has/had an addiction when we see posts like this, I suppose because addiction is common within BP but I do apologise for any assumption I myself made.

I certainly don't think you need to apologise for your post.  

As you have said, this question is best left alone now that everyone has aired their apologies or we could all go on forever more!

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