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unmedicated...trying to cope.

I have been dx "rapid cycling bipolar" for 11yrs now.  I have been on countless meds and some helped, some didnt.  For years I was only treated for the depression half and had insane manic episodes.  I have been pregnant alot the past 4 years and have been on and off my meds alot.  I am done having kids...so i can get and stay on my meds...but the last round of meds were what "worked" before pregnancy.  Now they dont work.  The make me very ill, and have other side effects.  I also have type 1 diabetes, so I cant be on meds that cause weight gain b/c it makes my diabetes worse when I gain weight.  Im trying to lose 25lbs right now.  (pregnancy leftovers)  My question is any recomendations for meds?  I go see my doc today and want to ask him about different meds.  What has worked for you guys?
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I am on zyprexa and celexa and they have been wonderful for me for 7 years.My bi polar is totally under ccontrol and I have a nice noraml life.let me know what the doc says.
Love Venora
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most bp meds cause weight gain  try mixing lamotrogine in with a mood stabalizer, maybe abilify or serequel. also take around 4-5 thousand milligrams of fish oil. it has shown some efficacy in helping with mood. check out bipolarworld.com  jim phelps is one of the best dr out there
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