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you think is bipolar or something else..

Im 22 yrs old and ive been having my ups and downs for a couple of years,like for every lil thing
I get mad,start throwing things @ the room,nd i start to cry . sometimes i just feel lke cutting my self...idk what it is im trying to find out if is bipolar disorder or something else...
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Doesn't particularly sound like bipolar disorder with the symptoms you describe as they are vague, general symptoms that could be signs of anything from an anger issue to other things.
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The biggest difference between Major Depressive Disorder (what is commonly referred to as "depression") and BiPolar Disease is the episodes of mania. Those with MDD do not have manic episodes. Those with MDD do not respond quickly to anti-depressive treatment. Those with BPD can be admitted to a hospital in a suicidal state on Friday and be "normal" again by Monday. Those that have MDD do not respond to treatment that quickly.

Also if your depressive episodes last for several days, weeks, months, that is more consistent with MDD. With BPD you could be depressive one day in the morning and manic in the evening if you have a rapid cycling form of BPD.

The best thing you can do is go see a Psychiatrist and ask them to evaluate you for BPD and MDD. If they are any good the first thing they will do is have a list of questions for you to answer to determine if you have ever had a manic episode. If you have ever had even 1 manic episode, you are NOT MDD.

Best of luck! Just remember... YOU are not a doctor, so do not try to diagnose yourself.. or treat yourself.
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I have had some issues with the symptoms you described. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder until I had my first major manic episode. I would say you probably need an evaluation from a doctor to determine what the specific disorder is you may have. I would say since I am bipolar and I have had some of the same symptoms it may be possible that you are bipolar, but neither one of us is a doctor so we can't give you a diagnosis. I suggest you talk to a mental health provider about your symptoms. Good Luck
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thanx ...
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I think you should definitely see a pdoc. That way you can discuss your symptoms. I myself have crying spells & irritability that makes me angry mixed with rapid cycling. Keep us posted!
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