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What is the best way to handle this?

So I am 18 and I just started college. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II about 6 years ago. But I have noticed that my swings are starting to last a lot longer. Normally I am manic for a few days then depressed for a few. But lately i have been depressed for about a month and then manic for only a couple days and depressed again for a long time. Why is this? its at the point where I cant even semi function.
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its quite possible your bi polar is turning into type one you should consult your doctor
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I understand what you mean, when I was a bit younger my moods cycled faster like that but once I got to 18/19 they lengthened out and in my case got worse. I really do think consulting your Doctor is a good idea; what kinda meds are you on? x
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