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22 month old female cockatiel isn't laying eggs.

Why isn't my 22 month female lutino cockatiel not laying eggs? I know that cockatiels are supposed to at minimum be 18 months in age to start laying eggs however, as I mentioned before, my cockatiel has already passed the minimum age for egg laying. She is molting a little bit however my male cockatiel seems to be molting more than she is and is much older than her! Her behavior hasn't changed other than the fact that she seems to be hanging upside down a little more than often which after conducting some research is supposed to indicate that she is ready to nest. But there is absolutely no nesting taking place! She will be 2 years old exactly on September 20th and I mostly worry that she may never lay eggs. Our whole reason for getting a male cockatiel was so we could breed them. However, I don't want to risk breeding them when she hasn't laid eggs yet. Because if she hasn't laid eggs yet despite the age, then she is obviously not ready to mate yet. Also we have them in separate cages to prevent our male cockatiel, Chewy from mounting her too early. Our other ultimate goal is to put them together in one cage once she is ready to mate. I guess the real question is, is it normal if she lays eggs late?  
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Hello there,

Welcome to the birds forum. I see you recently joined Med help.
Breeding cockatiels is really tricky. Unless you are a professional breeder
and have a lot of knowledge about breeding cockatiels, I would not let these two cockatiels breed. We have had a pet cockatiel, a male, for over ten years. I have a book about cockatiel care which I refer to often.
Even if the two birds were allowed to mate, there is a strong chance that the eggs would be infertile.  You really have to know what you are doing and with all due respect, based on your questions, you do not .
Just enjoy your female and male cockatiel. They are wonderful birds and make great pets. As I mentioned before, you have to have a lot of knowledge and expertise to breed cockatiels. There is a certain time of the year that is better than others etc.   It is quite a complicated process. Even if the female cockatiel were to lay eggs after she mated with the male cockatiel and the eggs happened to be fertile and the chicks hatched, taking care of baby cockatiels also requires a lot of knowledge. Some other people on this forum may be of a different opinion, but that is mine.
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Thank you for your opinion. Yes I do agree that breeding is difficult but I do not think that breeders have to start out as experts. That's almost like saying that the first moment you are born you should already be an expert at running which we already know isn't the case. Am I an expert? Far from it, but I do believe that with anything, if you want learn how to do something you have to start somewhere, you don't just know how to do it just by blinking an eye. And contrary to popular belief, as I may not be an expert, I have plenty of books regarding cockatiel care and have even gone so far as to look beyond those resources for more information thus, the whole reason I even decided to come here. And also, my family have had cockatiels since before I was able to talk. My aunt and uncle aren't expert breeders and yet they managed to get their cockatiels to breed and have 3 cockatiel chicks which they also managed to take care of just fine. And because I know cockatiel breeding is complicated, I have taken steps to be cautious and try to avoid certain things such as breeding the cockatiel female too early as it could risk causing birth defects or cause a lot of balding or even worse, the babies may never hatch at all because the mother being as young as she is may crush them. Also I know that when you are breeding a lutino cockatiel you have to be extra cautious because for starters, there are different kinds of lutino cockatiels such as a pied lutino and a cinnamon lutino and if you choose the wrong breed, that also could cause birth defects. This is why we chose to get a pure bred Australian ****. According to a book I read, you should get  lutino and grey chicks from that. Also they said that's the best match for beginner breeders. I also know that the female needs a lot of extra nutrients when you are trying to breed her. So bottom line, I do have SOME knowledge. I may not be a professional breeder but I have the determination and the will to learn. And also, my husband was breeding pigeons every since he was young and has done an excellent job training my cockatiel to only fly in one room without all the expertise and knowledge about cockatiels. And he even trained her to fly back to him when he calls her. I only wanted to know if it is normal for a female to lay eggs late because that seems to be the one question that wasn't asked or answered. And with all due respect, I am quite sure that when you bred a pair of cockatiels for the very first time, you also were not a professional and or an expert.
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Hello again,

I seem to have ruffled your feathers, so to speak. That was not my intention. Since your family has been breeding cockatiels since before you were able to talk, maybe you should ask them this question. Based on your comments, you already know a lot about cockatiels. Glad to hear you have a lot of resource books. I never bred cockatiels. I told you , we have one male cockatiel. We don't plan to buy a female for breeding purposes.
We have our hands full taking care of our beautiful male cockatiel and our other animals.  Regards, Eve
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Wow that first and third comment negative as hell. I have 2 cockatiels and they have gotten 2 clutches so far which hatched and grew up. Last time all eggs were infertile though. Heres my suggestions: give them alot of lighthours as cockatiels breed when days get longer, offer soft foods more than before and wet seeds. And when u notice she starts preeing her feathers more often i would let the male in and u know, whats the worst that could happen. And i really wish you luck because thats what matters. Im just a 17 yr old teenager who bred cockatiels a couple of times no professional or anything.
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