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Breeding indian ringed necks

I am wanting to start breading my 6 year old green male indian ringed neck.
The only other birds he has been around since he was a couple months old was love birs who he really didnt get along with.
1) Would he be able to find a mate after being away from other birds for so long?
2) Would I have to get a female of his age?
3) Is it hard to care for babies?
4) How much, of what, how often, for how long, do I feed them?
5) Can the vet supply and apply leg ID bands? and blood sex them?
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Can you find a breeder in your area to talk to? They would have the most experience and best advice. I'm sure there are things online but I've noticed the information is not always correct. Also look for books about bird breeding.

I only work with wildlife so I'm not much help with this. However, I have a friend that's had a male ring-necked dove (not parrot) for years. He's been very comfortable with just her attention. We got a female dove in and my friend agreed to take it home/adopt it. It took months for the male to adjust to having the other dove  around the house. He would peck her and harrass her something terrible. Now they're buddies but no signs of breeding behavior. It's been a couple of years now.

Dietary needs do change during nesting and raising young. Again, talk to a knowledgeable person about this. Yes, a vet can sex the babies if you end up with some.
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The person I got him from just quite breeding them but Ive moved and am far from there now.
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