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Lovebird nesting

Hello, I have a blue peachfaced lovebird. She is shredding anything in sight and trying to build a nest.
I have moved her cage contents, cleaned out the "material" for nesting...and she just does it again and again. Now she doesn't even want out of her cage, she just bites toward my hand when I try to get her out. She is eating and drinking fine.  What should I do? I am going to make sure she gets more "darkness" at night. Any suggestions.
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Excuse my ignorance here but why are you discouraging her nesting behavior? Birds will lay eggs occasionally even if they're not fertile. Our Red Tailed hawk at work goes through her nesting phase every year. We give her sticks to play with and she has her corner. Eventually she comes through it and we're all happy again.
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most lovebirds nest by instinct...whether they are mated or not...its just natural and not harming her in any way...give her some paper to shred and a box to nest in...it will make her happy..if she has eggs,or is ready to mate she will be cage aggressive...it is natural.
if you do suspect that she is ready to lay, do not disturb her until she is done laying her eggs...she could get egg bound if she gets stressed or upset in any way...and wait until she has laid all of her eggs...if you take the eggs away from her too soon, she will just replace them.  let her sit on them for a bit, she will soon realize they are not fertile, then you can toss them....
she should have a calcium block in her cage or calcium drops in her water if she is laying eggs, this could deplete her calcium...and honestly i am no expert...i have a friend that runs a rescue for unwanted birds (she has over 100 birds, its a blast to go there and help and play) and i have just learned a lot from her this past couple of years...
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