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Breakthrough bleeding on the pill for a week+

Im 16yo and i've been having breakthrough bleeding? for the past week. Ive been on tri sprintec for  about 2 years now and this has never happened before. I recently became sexually active with the same partner about 4 months ago. I started bleeding exactly 2 weeks before my period. Here's some instances that might be the problem but i'm not sure.
-The day before i started bleeding i had shower sex for like 30 seconds and it hurt because it felt dry.
-The night before i started bleeding i threw up due to unrelated sickness about 3 hours after taking the pill

I don't think i'm pregnant but could it be my hormones changing and i need to switch to a different pill for being on this one for a while? The blood is dark brown sometimes vibrant or dark red and requires at least 3 pantyliners a day. I don't think it's implantation bleeding because i started bleeding the day after ovulation (if i even did ovulate??) I'm also super itchy down there and it seems red and irritated.
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I will suggest to check with your doctor for symptoms you are having.. I've been experiencing the break through bleeding also due to new birth control pills I'm taking. I checked with my doctor and she says it's an hormonal change. As for the itching you might have a yeast infection which is normal, but to be completely sure make an appointment with your doctor to get a Pap smear done. Hope things get better!
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