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Can I get pregnant?

Okay this is pertaining to my period and my birth control. I had my daughter a little over two months ago and started my birth control the 17th of July (I was still having on and off again bleeding but it stopped about a week or so after taking my birth control) I started my period on the 3rd of August and it stopped completely yesterday up until I had sex last night. When I went to the bathroom after the fact I was bleeding as if I were on my period and my vagina hurt and burned a little (not when I peed just in general) is this normal? Am I still on period?

Next is about my birth control. As I stated in the first question I started my birth control last month. Well I still have one more pill to take out of it and I had unprotected sex last night. i take it at 7pm everyday. Never missed one but we're late taking a couple especially yesterday. I was late by an hour taking the pill. Am I able to get pregnant immediately due to the fact it's still my first month on it and I only have one pill out of the pack?
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