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Chances of semen leaking out and swimming upward? (Sperm Mobility)


I know this COULD be nothing, but id rather be on the safe side. Perhaps its just me being paranoid.

Anyway, my girlfriend and i are sexually active, and we consistently practice SAFE sex (with a condom) and of course, i always make sure to use condoms the right way.

One night we had intercourse. Please note that she was on top of me (girl on top position). During intercourse, i felt like i was about to ***. I tried my best to squeeze and prevent myself from cumming so we could both last longer. Unfortunately, i felt 2 quick squirts come out of my penis (as is the usual nature.)

After experiencing that, we immediately stopped moving (she was still on top for about 2 minutes or so) i then asked her to dismount me so i could check my penis. After examining my member, i noticed that it had decreased in terms of size and hardness (it was getting softer since i came a small amount.) At that moment, i thought it would be okay for us to continue intercourse (since i thought i would stil be able to regain my hardness because i did not fully orgasm), therefore i asked her to get back on top. After SHE thrusted or moved her body maybe 1 to 2 times more (lets assume it was 5 to assume the worst case, i immediately changed my mind for fear the semen could actually leak due to the softness of my penis, as well as the looser conditon of the condom. Therefore i immediately asked her to dismount, whchh she did.

Now, im worried that the little semen (2 squirts worth) which i did release during an incomplete orgasm could have swam down the "getting looser by the minute" condom and made its way inside my partner most definitely when she mounted me the second time. Again, after she went on top the second time, and after 5 thrusts (assuming the worst case scenario), i told her to get off right away.

My question is what is the possibility of thwe semen to swim down the condom and up inside her? Takingn into consideration that she only on top of me for for a really really short time .
or am i just being very paranoid?
Also, please note that at the beginning, when i ws hardest the condom fit well. However it just loosened after cumming.

Looking forward to feedback. Hope to get it soon.

Thank you.

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slight risk once your penis goes flaccid you should always withdraw. the purpose of the condom is to catch semen but once you have ejaculated, hold the base and remove. get her to take plan B if she hasn't ovulated.
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Note: Also, i checked the base of my penis after the whole situation. I didnt see anything white. It was just moist, perhaps due to her fluids and theplus the sweat and the lube of the condom. At least thats what i think i saw.

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Sperm can live in the vagina for up to 5 days. They swim...that's what they do, it doesn't matter what direction. To them it's always up. A majority of condoms have spermicide in them, so if you used one of those, i wouldn't have anything to worry about. To be extra safe, pick up plan b at the pharmacy,no need for a prescription unless she's underage.
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i second that.
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