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Depo Provera Normal?

I have been having light bleeding since November 8, along with really bad pelvic pain, blood clots, bloating, fatigue, weakness, and feeling like I am getting sick. I have used a nasal spray (DDAVP) for three weeks, but the bleeding did not stop. I tried doubling up on the nasal spray since I was prescribed the wrong strength, but it did not help. I had my second Depo Provera shot on December 7. I thought it would help make the bleeding stop, but I am still bleeding. I have also tried a estrogen pill I was prescribed, but it has not helped.

I know I will have light bleeding on the Depo Provera, but is it normal to be bleeding for 37 days? I have not felt like myself lately and I am having trouble doing my everyday activities.
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Hi there.  I'm just seeing this.  Has your bleeding finally stopped?
No, it has not. I am on day 77 now. My hematologist tried all he could and nothing has worked. My OB/GYN's are writing me off. Not sure what to do anymore.
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