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Implantation bleeding or other diagnosis?

Dear Doctor,
I had begun to bleed about 4 days before my period was supposed to start, although, I had taken the emergency contraceptive twice after me and my partner had intercourse.He wore a condom and even tested it to see if it had broken...it didn't and he ejaculated outside of my vagina. Although, I started out with some light pink spotting on day 1, then began to have my usual normal flow of dark red blood however it looked a bit mucousy on day 2. Day 3 I was bleeding a bright red onto my pad and it had gotten lighter and as the day went on the bleeding became lighter but I noticed what might have been dark brown blood/discharge on my pad which then became all I saw on Day 4 with no red to accompany it. I have been researching different discussion forums and sites saying that implantation bleeding is usually accompanied by light to faint pink/brown discharge, lasts up to 2 days and has mild cramps that are less intense than period cramps. Although my "implantation bleeding" has lasted up to 4 days, heavy cramps when bleeding dark red, and has been consistently getting darker in color as time goes on. Could this be implantation bleeding or could this be side effects of another diagnosis?
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I believe these are side effects of your emergency contraceptive as you can experience bleeding and bad cramps because of that
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