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Is it bad to keep switching birth control brands?


So my pharmacy keeps switching my birth control brand. Every 3 months, I get a pack of 3 months worth of pills. Every time I go to my pharmacy to get my BC, they switch me from Junel FE 1/20 to Blisovi FE 1/20. They always say they are out of whichever brand I am currently using at the time. I Googled both brands and they have the same ingredients in them. I was wondering if it is unhealthy to keep switching brands even though they have the same stuff in the pills?
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Actually, both of those are generics for the brand names Loestrin and Microgestin. Generics all have their own names but from a chemical standpoint, the active ingredients are identical to the name brand. Where Junel and Blisovi differ is just in the inactive ingredients.
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