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Is it normal for your period to go away after prolonged use of the pill?

I've been taking the birth control pill for about three years. I've had my period every month and it's been regular ever since I started the pill. However, my periods on the pill are always very light. Last month, I had spotting, but no period. This month, I got no bleeding, but I did have cramps and PMS. It really felt like I was going to get my period, but it just never came. I've been celibate since February so I'm definitely not pregnant. I was wondering if it's normal for periods to completely go away after prolonged use of the pill? I think I'm going to go off of the pill because not getting my period scares me.
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The reason why periods are light on birth control is because they aren't actually a period. They are spotting.  You don't ovulate when on the pill (why you don't get pregnant).  But the stopping of the hormone during the off week will result in a bit of a hormonal shift that then causes us to bleed some or spot.  It's not an actual period, if that makes sense.  You do the sugar pill week?  This is most likely not harmful and some women take the pill continuously to avoid any bleeding at all. I'd check in with your doctor.  Perhaps a different pill will work if you feel uncomfortable with this situation.  
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