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Is my copper IUD causing vaginitis?

I got my copper IUD inserted around 5 months ago and the first two months everything was fine, except I had heavier periods (to be expected). Around 3 months ago, I started getting intermittent tingling in my labia, and two months ago I started going through periods of days where the inside of my vagina felt inflamed and burned. I went to the doctor during one of these periods of inflammation and there were no physical symptoms such as sores, lumps, bumps, etc and he said everything looked healthy. I also get intermittent pain in my lower back and occasionally my buttocks muscles. The longer I've had my IUD, the more frequent the tingling and inflamed feelings have gotten. I'm at the point where I feel like I only have five days a month where I'm not getting some sort of symptom.
The doctor diagnosed me with BV after doing a swab, but I did multiple courses of antibiotics and that didn't help. I've gotten tests for STDs including herpes and all came back negative. I've noticed that the inflamed feeling will come after sexual intercourse as well and it's not a UTI, as I'm familiar with those symptoms.
These symptoms only started after I got my IUD and I haven't changed anything else in my lifestyle, but I can't find anything scientific that will confirm these findings. I'm at the point where I want to take the IUD out, but I don't want to go on hormonal birth control. Are these symptoms that correspond with an IUD? Could the IUD have triggered some sort of vaginitis?
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It very well could be.  There are various things that have been associated with this type of IUD.  Have you gotten into the doctor yet to discuss?
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