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Mirena & Pregancy

I had an IUC, Mirena put in August of 2006. I have pregnancy symptoms: sore breast, constipation, fatigue, dizziness, excess hunger, charlie horse in my legs, no period but not unusual with Mirena and I instinctively protect my stomach when I feel threatened or in danger. I took a home pregnancy test and a blood test and both were negative.
My question is what is the possibility that I am pregnant?
How can I tell for sure?
Can Mirena cause false results on pregnancy test, both home and blood test?
And is it true that a 5 year Mirena can stop working after two or three years?
If I am not pregnant what is wrong with me?
I want to be informed when I go to the doctor.
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Some ladies using Mirena occasionally report feeling symptoms similar to those of pregnancy.  

It is very unlikely you are pregnant.

If you are still concerned, take another pregnancy test in a week to be sure.  
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I went to the hospital Sunday, May 10th, because of abdominal pain. The doctors did an ultrasound and said I had been pregnant I was about 9 weeks and I had lost the baby. The doctors said that they did not understand why the blood test came back negative. They had to do a DNC and they also found that I had kidney stones. I spent four days in the hospital because kidney stones not the DNC. So I guess it is possible to be pregnant with Mirena and for the home and blood test to be negative the only way to be 100% sure is with an ultrasound.
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wow.... im sorry u lost ur baby... im mom of 2 im 25 had mirena now for 2yrs past 2days been crampin and spottin brownish discharge. was never this exhausted before on the mirena but i been very exhausted past 2 weeks do u think i might be pregnant?
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I am having the same problems that you had and I'm scared that I might be pregnant again because I keep taking the at home tests and they all keep saying negative and I also had a blood test done that also said negative so I'm scared that I'm pregnant again. But I also don't have insurance and am waiting on my medicaid card to come in the mail. What do you think I should do?
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i have been bleeding for 11 days now and have had head aches, it hurts during inter course and i feel very tired i have no idea what is wrong with me in my 2 1/2 years of having mirena i have never bleed this long. can anyone help?
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