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Missed 3 birth control pills at start of pack


I use Marvelon birth control pills and have bee on them for years and always taken them regularly.

Last month I went to get my repeat prescription but as it was over the Christmas period I wasn't able to get them until the Monday (I START my pill packs on a Friday). My boyfriend and I held off any intercourse until the Monday night. I finally got the pack at about 5pm on Monday and took two pills straight away. Just before going to bed and having intercourse I took another 1. The following day I took 2 more so I was caught up with the pack.

I've not really noticed any pregnancy symptoms yet, only a few niggles in my abdomen area which I often feel through my cycle anyway, and perhaps a bit more gassy than usual. I myself didn't really notice but my boyfriend said he thought my breasts were a bit bigger. I've not been feeling as grumpy and irritable as I usually would at this point in my cycle which worries me as well. Obviously I might be imagining things because I am worried about it.

Just want to hear some other people's experiences and get some advice here on what my chances of being pregnant are. As you can understand I am very worried. I'm due on in a couple of days.

Please any advice would be much appreciated.

B x
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The wiggles are likely gas as it'd be way too early to be fetal movement even if you were pregnant.  Looking at a calendar, I am assuming you meant you started the pack on the 30th due to Christmas the week before?  This would mean you finish your last row of actual pills Friday or yesterday (figuring based on the extra pills taken), correct?

I will tell you that taking those extra pills did not make up for starting your pack late, so you could still be at risk if the sex was otherwise unprotected.  However, try not to stress!  If you don't start your period this week, take a test.  If you do, then really dismiss the idea.

Best wishes!
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