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Missed day 9 of Qlaira contraceptive pill.. any advice?

Hi.. dont know if i am making something out of nothing but i am rather stressing out and working myself up..

Last wednesday my husband and i had unprotected sex. I have been on Qlaira contraceptive pill for months and i realised on friday evening that i missed my thursday, day 9 pill. I normally take it about 8am so it was about 35 hours late. It said on box if you miss between day 1 and 9, and had intercourse in the previous 7 days to contact doctor immediately, which I did and collected an emergancy contraceptive pill called EllaOne on friday evening. Since chemist was closed i got it at 9am on the saturday and took my usual Qlaira too. We are planning on extending our family in a few months. We already have 3 kids so another baby will be very loved but my doctor advised the EllaOne morning after pill. I just feel like im crawling up the walls in anticipation. I hate the two week wait!

It has been 8 days since the unprotected sex and i experienced some pink spotting a few days ago. Nothing since but cramping on and off since. That was always a major symptom in previous pregnancies. Feeling rather emotional at silly things and having mood swings but unsure if it is maybe because i am dying to know if we are expecting or not.

I have been very thirsty today yet my head is sore from yesterday, once again could be due to stress of over thinking and googling symptoms.. haha are there any pregnancy tests that can work a few days before period is due? Has anyone got experience of missing a pill? I have 9 more active pills then my 4 pills that period would be due on. The final 4 pills consist of 2 placebos and 2 lower dose pills to bring on a lighter period.

Had a bizzare dream in early hours of a.m so couldnt blame it on food i ate yesterday, but dreamt the wriggling in my belly was a baby at 25weeks that i didnt know i was pregnant, then his arm came out and i pushed it back in and hurt my cervix at it but then he was born at full term after few mins and we called him ryan, no one believed us at first cuz how could u hide a whole pregnancy lol but anyways..

Thanks in advance for any insight x
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