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Pregnant or Plan B side effects?

Okay so my calendar told me I’m ovulating from March 13th to 19th. March 13th I had protected sex but I thought the condom had slipped so the next day, March 14th I took the plan b pill. I also had protected sex on March 15th and March 16th. March 17th and 18th I didnt have sex. March 19th we had unprotected but he only did a few strokes and didnt ejaculate. We also had protected sex March 24th and 25th and March 25th is the last time I had sex. I missed my period from April 1 to April 5 and I have been having tender boobs, aerola swollen/ bigger and then goes back to normal on and off, some days headaches, some days hot-flashes. From April 18th to 24th I had brown spotting and one day I had little red blood clots and I wasn’t sure if that was implantation bleeding because it lasted for so long. On April 20th my significant other fingered me and bright red blood with clots came out and I thought that was my period but the day after, April 21st, there was no bright red blood anymore and I just had a huge headache. It is now May 2nd and I should have started my period on April 30th but no signs of my period. I taken 7 pregnancy tests: April 10th, April 20th, April 21st, April 22nd, April 28th, April 29th, and one this morning. And they all turned out negative. Could I still be pregnant due to the  symptoms still happening or are they plan b side effects still happening?
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