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Should I take birth control pills to shed a possible polyp?

Hello! I am new to this forum, so a little background: I am a 36 year old female. I have been dealing with anorexia since I was 21, with a pattern of recovering and relapsing. Thus, my period has been very inconsistent due to my eating disorder. The last period I had was 4 years ago. I have regained my weight over the course of a year and have been seeing a therapist. I feel confident in my recovery this time, finally! But I have not yet gotten my period.

I had a visit with my gynecologist. All of my blood work and pap screening came out normal. I also had a transvaginal sonogram done. They found that I have a "possible" endometrial polyp. The gynecologist and doctor were not sure whether or not it was an actual polyp, but they saw a "stripe" on my transvaginal sonogram. The doctor prescribed me to use Junel Fe (birth control pill) for three months to initiate three menstrual cycles. The idea is that my period would "shed" the polyp.  I am very afraid of taking the birth control because of the horrible side effects I've had in the past from it (mostly terrible anger, followed by complete apathy). Should I just take the birth control that the doctor prescribed? How important is it that this polyp disappears, if there even is one? Is there any way that I could quickly get my period back in a natural way instead of using birth control? Thank you everyone for reading!
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I've never heard of using birth control pills to "shed" a polyp. The only treatment I've ever had for the (multiple) times I've had this issue is surgery to remove the polyp. I'm very surprised that you haven't had any heavy bleeding as a result of this polyp because that's usually the first sign I know I have one then later confirmed with an ultrasound.

Are you sure your doctor is a real gynecologist? It seems odd to me that they couldn't tell you for sure what it was and just assumed it was a polyp. And furthermore the treatment of using the pill to get rid of it is stupid. I suggest you find a different doctor that actually knows what they're doing because nothing about this sounds correct to me. I'm not a doctor but I've literally had the surgery to remove polyps done multiple times so I know what I'm talking about.
Thank you for the response, Chima7 and sharing your experiences. This has been insightful to me, and I think I will need to press a bit further... thanks!
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