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Taking sugar pills early on extended cycle BC

Hi, is it possible for me to get my period early on Quasense (extended cycle birth control)? I'm on week 2 of the first 28 days and I want to get my period earlier than 3 months just to make sure I'm not pregnant. I skipped the last pack's sugar pills so I just want some peace of mind about it. That being said, is it possible to get my period earlier and how can I go about safely doing this without unprotecting myself.
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You can't do it safely without messing up the protection. Because all birth control pills are designed the way they are with active pills for certain weeks and inactive for others. It is intentionally packaged the way it is specifically for the dosing.

If you think you might be pregnant then take a pregnancy test. If that doesn't calm your concerns you should go see your doctor for a blood test to check for pregnancy. But messing with your birth control is not advisable and truly a very bad idea.
I've read quite a few forums that say that as long as you've taken 21 days of active pills in a row you're protected. So i thought I would be fine since I've taken like 90 days of active pills. I'm just not sure if on an extended cycle I would have to start a new pack or if it would be better to wait until the end of the month or if there was another way to go about it.
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I misunderstood the question, because you said you were only on week 2 of your current pack. My response was related to being on week 2 and stopping, which is not a good plan.

But I think I'm also not completely clear on what you want to do this. Is the only reason why you want to interrupt your pack in order to get your period to "see if you're pregnant"? Is that your question? Because that would not be an accurate way of doing it. If you want to know whether you're pregnant then take a pregnancy test. Being on the pill makes it so that you may or may not get a period if you take a break from your pills so it wouldn't be an accurate indicator. Many women don't go back on a regular period schedule for months and months after quitting the pill. And since you've been on an extended pill then you're even more likely to take longer to get back on a normal schedule.

If your whole point for doing this is to see if you're pregnant then just take a pregnancy test or go to your gyne for a blood test. Because what you're talking about doing will tell you nothing about what you want to know.
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when can i take a pregnancy test? I never know when the right time to take it. You're supposed to take it like after you're supposed to get your period if I'm correct, and I don't get my period for 3 months so I don't know when I'm supposed to take a test.
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Are you having specific symptoms that make you think you might be pregnant? Because you're on the pill and it's very effective for preventing pregnancy. It would be unusual to get pregnant while being on the pill and taking it correctly.

I think your best bet is just to call up your gyne and make an appointment to discuss it. It seems like that might be the only way you'll feel like you have confirmation that you're not pregnant.
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Well I wasn't taking it correctly at the time so that's why i'm having those thoughts. I'm not having symptoms right now i'm just nervous that i might be and i want to be able to figure that out when i can. My obgyn isn't really available to me away from school, so I was hoping to take a test as soon as i possibly could to get an accurate result without taking a trip to the doctor.
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