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Tampon and condom stuck inside of me and my doctor doesn’t believe me, what do I do?

So in mid May I got black out drunk and mistakenly had a one night stand with someone. I happened to be finishing up my period and had a tampon in and didn’t realize it. Well the guy used a condom and later I moved on with my day/week completely oblivious to the fact that the condom & tampon were left inside of me. A month and a half later I go to my gyno to have my Mirena taken out and a new one put in. During the removal my gyno could not find my strings and used a speculum, hook and ultrasound machine to find it and pull it out. She then put a new one in. Well 5 days later I’m in the bathroom and all of a sudden the condom and tampon randomly fell out of my vagina and into the toilet. I know it’s from May because I don’t use condoms other than that one time. Which means the condom and tampon were inside of me while she was doing my removal/insertion of my IUD and she NEVER NOTICED.
Well I went back in today to talk to my gyno and she seriously is telling me that it’s not possible that she could have missed that.
But I know for a fact that it had to have been in there the whole time.
What do I do to make her believe me? Or do I just get a new gyno?
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Hm.  I'm not sure what to tell you.  I had a forgotten tampon one time, I'm sad and embarrassed to say but realized it when I had black discharge and a foul odor.  You'd likely have had symptoms of something left in your vagina that would be tell tale signs. And that she removed something, it'd have not been able to be removed if there was something in your vagina.  I'm not sure what you removed to be honest.  I doubt it is what you think.  

It's up to you though if you don't trust your gyno.  It's important to trust them.  Glad all is well now also with your vagina now object free.  Is your IUD still in place?  
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