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When to resume taking birth control after an "oops"?

I'm taking the type of BC with three weeks of active pills, and then one week of inactive (Orsythia-28).  When I renewed the Rx the new pack was a bit different and I screwed up.  I started on the wrong end and took another week of inactive pills.  The timeline went like this.

9/1 - 9/7 -- Finished pack with inactive pills as usual, this was my period week.  

9/8 - 9/13 -- Took more inactive pills by accident.  Had unprotected sex on 13th, took morning after pill the next day (plan B)

Haven't taken any BC since, and now trying to decide when to start back up.  Starting today, the 29th, would in theory be the first day of my period.  But I know after coming off BC you frequently don't have a period, a noticeable one anyway, for a month or two.  So I'm thinking of just starting the active pills again today.

But if I wanted to sync up exactly to the schedule I was on before this would be an inactive week and start on a new pack on 10/6 instead.  

I'm leaning towards starting today, as the active pills are supposed to be started on the first day of your period and I see this as starting over, but not really sure.  

My gut feeling is it doesn't much matter either way, but figured I'd ask.  Thanks.
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Argh, I'm just seeing this.  So sorry I didn't see it sooner. What did you end up doing?  I think I'd have waited for my next cycle but you will probably messed up hormonally for a little bit with the quick stop of the pill (2 week hiatus) and morning after pill. What did you end up doing?
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