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emergency pls help!!im confused.

I had intercourse today and the condom broke.. Jus when he ejaculated.so we were not sure if he ejac inside me..My periods is due on 16th.we were not sure if the sperm entered..though we washed everything off as soon as possible.But still due to doubt,i took the clear-72 one time pill within 5 hours of intercourse.but worried still.please help me..
   N its also my menstrual part of the month i am worried about.Does the 11th day have anything to do with my pregnancy? And the morning after pill taken only once,is effective?Please help me with tis.Will it be effective??
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I'm confused as to what part of your cycle you are in but there is always that chance there if there was no protection or if it broke. The morning after pill will only halt your hormones so you don't ovulate so if you have already ovulated then it would have done no good.
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You only get pregnant during the 5 days of ovulation, not during your period.   And what do you mean 11th day?  I don't understand that part.  I'm a Mom of four...I don't know anything about the Morning after Pill, but I do know what it is (never had to take it)  So I wouldn't know how effective it is.  

Honestly, I think you're safe seeing your next cycle isn't due until the 16th.  If it was May 6th, then I would worry!! Good luck and update if you hear anything
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i meant 11th day after my periods get over..n thanks a lot for saving your time to reply me.
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