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salazopyrn(sulfasalazin) / Etol Sr 600 (etodolac) and Birth Control Pills (Yaz 24+4)

Hello I am 25 years old and I am female. I want to ask something. I have an ilness since I was a child and it is called peripheric spondyloarthropathy and I use some drugs everyday for this ilness. Salazopyrn(Sulfasalazin x4) and Etol Sr 600( x1). my question is about effects of these drugs on birth control pills. I've been using a birth control pill which is called Yaz 24+4 for 6 months but on prospectus it says some drugs for rheumatismal ilnesses may reduce effectiveness of this birth control pills. I searched about it and I found some information but all of them says these drugs may reduce effectiviness of birth control pills so before using ask your doctor.  So I just wanted to ask this to a doctor. Can I use my birth control pills safeley or the drugs will reduce it's safety ? I would be really glad if you answer my question because I am not native speaker so I can't search better on medical articles or if anyone else help me with some links and information I would be really glad.
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You know who I'd ask?  Pharmacist.  Do you have a local pharmacist that fills your prescriptions?  That would be a great place to get good information.  Package inserts usually go through interactions and whomever is prescribing the birth control pills for you should be aware of your other meds and make the choice safely with you for what won't interact.  ''
Because my research has indicated that the issue isn't as much the birth control not working but that the birth control increases the risk of and makes autoimmune disorders (like arthritis ) worse. Here's a big long article on it.

I assume the doctor who prescribed YAZ is aware of the other meds you take?
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