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Birth control/period

I’ve been on birth control for about 6years now. I first got on it for my periods. I’ve never missed one since being on them. This period for this month came late which was on Monday started with brown discharge and today it came with red blood only the period is light. And now when I wipe nothing is there.

I’ve been working out and changed my food and eating habits.

Also I would forget to take my pill and forgot maybe twice and took two a day till I caught up.

I’m still a virgin if I may add

Everything I look up on the internet indicates that I’m pregnant which I know is not possible !

So is this normal? Like for my period to come late and last probably a day? Also I did have cramps like I would all my periods.

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This is normal if you miss pills and take two a day until you catch up.  :>)  This is spotting and related to the hormones being out of whack.  I'd make sure you are consistent with taking it if you are going to have sex at any point as you may not be fully protected during that time.  But spotting does absolutely happen if you miss pills and that kind of thing.  good luck
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