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Can I have a reliable blood test during my sugar pill week?

Dear all:

I have been in treatment for PCOS for one year and a half (Yasminelle: Drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol) and my OB/GYN wants to see how my hormones are doing. The hormones he wants to check are prolactin, cortisol and testosterone and my GP has also ordered estradiol as she suspects that checking cortison will not be possible (it has to be done in a hospital and this is unavailable atm due to COVID-19). I will have a blood test next Tuesday, coincidentally during my placebo week (and probably my first day of period).

My OB/GYN has said nothing about this test having to be on certain specific day of the cycle, so I suppose the fact that I will be on my period and not taking any pill will not influence the results, but I can't help but wonder. Changing the date is not possible because I have to see him July 20th and there are not more slots available for me to have the test. Will it be useless to test my hormones during my placebo week?
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Hi.  Some time has passed.  How was the blood work. In general, just to answer your question, it should be fine.  Your doctor knows you are on the pill and can account for hormonal changes based on that pill.  Pills are normally estrogen, progesterone or a combination.  She's checking other things.  
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Hello! It was fine; prolactin a bit high but he did not seem to think it was very important. He was happy with the results and told me to come back in a year instead of every 6 months! Testosterone levels were within range, which were very high at the start of my treatment, so everything seems to be working:) Thank you for your message.
That's good to hear!!  Have a great day!
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