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Is there a chance a might be pregnant

I had my tubes clamp in 2008 and my son is 11yrs and i was having my regular cycle and then i started dealing with ovarian cyst so in August 2018 they put me on the depo shot and i stop having my cycle but then when i went back and October i to get my shot my cycle started again so when i was suppose to go back in dec 4 2018 i didn't and now i have not seen my cycle since then so can i be pregnant please i need some answers
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The depo shot is well known to cause problems of all kinds with period regularity. Not only that but it typically takes the body an inordinate amount of time to recover after being on it so getting a normal menstrual cycle back after multiple rounds of shots is rare. I'd say it's pretty much to be expected that you'd have issues with your cycle after getting two shots. If it makes you feel better to get a pregnancy test to confirm its negative then go ahead but it's way more likely that the depo screwed up your menstrual and it's going to take a while for it to return to normal.
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