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Mirena issues

My mirena started out fine the first two years... Then third year in I noticed a sudden decline. My periods became abnormal with constant spotting. My body acted pregnant nonstop. When this happened a sudden case of acne and pimples that stayed under the skin popped up i also developed cysts on opening of cervix where the strings used to rest against. I had extreme depression and anxiety with this. My breasts were lumpy constantly.  And digestive problems started at the same time too. Along with this my toenails began turning and orange yellow.now I've gotten it removed and i have constant headaches... Tired all the time...I wake up sore.  I feel a constant sense of anxiety and doom. My heart rate gets fast at times and I feel dizzy...when that kicks in so does the stomach upset. On top of that i feel the need to constantly belch like air is in my throat caught all the time. I feel nauseous a lot... I get this weird head buzz too that comes with the dizziness and a weird internal warmness.Im also beginning to have trouble concentrating and am forgetting things more often.  I feel like when you stand up too quick all the time without standing up now. Any opinions?
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Okay, I'd look at this from two view points.  Mental health. Absolutely hormones can affect that. BUT, it's also a disorder on it's own. I'd consider beginning to delve into this mental health situation. Psychotherapy can be a true lifesaver. Medication can help when indicated as well.  I think you also need blood work. Get your thyroid checked. If there is an issue with the thyroid, it's going to throw off your hormones and even while on mirena, it may cause symptoms you describe. See your ob/gyn as they can likely help you solve this and consider help for mental health as a stand alone issue.  
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