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My Birth Control is not Working. HELP.


I am 23 years old, and for the past 8 years my menstrual cycle has been painful. I have had a regular monthly cycle, and had a period about every 19 days. At the beginning of 2019, it continued to go downhill, my PMS symptoms were lasting for 3 weeks out of a month. The week after my period, I would feel good, then PMS symptoms would kick in.
In April I went to my family doctor and asked about birth control. My doctor and I decided on a continuous method. Below is a detailed account of the medication and symptoms.

*Something also important to mention, is that I had an ultrasound this week. and the report stated, " Small exophytic cyst or paraovarian cyst left ovary. Otherwise, unremarkable ultrasound.

When I first started Lessina, I saw immediate results (taken about a week before I was supposed to start my period). For a few weeks, I felt great, then it went downhill. Then I started Chateal and for a few weeks I felt great, then it went downhill. Now I am on Sprintec, and it is not going well.

Lessina 0.1mg / 0.02mg  
- Taken from April 16th-August 4th
- April 16th started taking Lessina, saw improvement immediately (began a week before period).
- Had a period from April 21st to May 7th.
- Spotting from June 23rd to August 5th (about 42 days)

Chateal (Curvelo) 0.15mg / 0.03mg
- Taken from August 5th- August 19th
- Previous spotting from June 23rd ended on August 9th
- Saw improvement, but then began to get PMS symptoms August 14th- August 19th: bloating, headache, loss of appetite, cramps, diarrhea, and acne.
Sprintec 0.250mg / 0.035mg
- Started taking August 20th –28th
- Feel dull uncomfortable cramps, bloated ( Saturday night 8/24, next day, I got spotting)
- Generally feel horrible ( pms symptoms; fatigue, dizziness, bloat, backache, loss of appetite, chills)
- Different kinds of cramps: dull aching cramps, sharp stinging cramps, and intense painful cramps
- Spotting started August 24th -?

Yasmin (Generic Syeda) 3mg drospirenone/ 0.03 ethinyl estradiol
- Started taking August 29th
- Still spotting ( August 30th)
- Spotting getting better (September 3rd)
- Spotting stopped September 4th
- September 4th at night I had a large amount of spotting that lasted till September 6th
- I don’t feel better (September 6th) I have no appetite, cramps on and off (weak and strong)
- When I hold in my urine or need to defecate I feel cramps

My doctor discussed this with a gynecologist and they were both puzzled. Is birth control not working for someone not normal? In my situation, what should I do?
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I recommend using the implant and IUDs. In general, the implant and IUDs are the simplest and work the best to prevent pregnancy. Both are better than other methods like pill, shot, ring, patche and more.
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